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Well I’ve been busy doing stuff and not taking as many pictures as I would have liked.  I also went on vacation and spent some time playing in the water with my waterproof iPhone. It takes a little getting used to but I managed to a few good pictures under water ;0)

First day back from vacation and I spent it doing some of the post shoot work I had left over from the SMP shoot in June.  As I’m typing this I’m also uploading the pictures I took of Tyger G to the Zivity website.

20150606_TygerG_S03_13a20150606 Tyger G Set 03 Image 13

I think I have learned a little from the last couple of sets I submitted to Zivity. I changed my angles around to make the images more interesting. I also tried to automate the changes I needed. One of the big changes I made to all the images was to turn Tyger’s blue dress into a red one. I did that with an adjustment layer that selected only the blue of her dress. I then  had its hue altered to become red. Rather than having to do that to all the images I was able to copy the layer to each image.

20150606_TygerG_S06_06a20150606 Tyger G Set 06 Image 06

I like to form stories with my sets for Zivity, I don’t always get a story but I try. In this set Tyger gets the idea to stamp ink on herself in a mischievous way…

I had 193 images to work with I and I broke them down into two sets.

  1. Getting Ink On (45 images).
  2. Bonus – Getting Ink Off (25 images).

I feel I have a number of really good images that I might make into art pieces. I still have some over 6 shoot I need to catch up with. I’m sure I’ll be caught up by winter ;0P