So I tried shooting at a new location. It has some really good natural light windows and some interesting decor.

My first appointment was with  Mabel Syrup. We shot for 69 minutes and ended up with 88 images over 8 sets.

20150826_MabelS_S0513a20150826 Maybel Syrup Set 05 Image 13

Working with Maybel Syrup has been on my to-do list  (and I just checked my e-mail for this) four FOUR years. Back in August 2011 I sent and e-mail and it really has taken so long for our schedules to mesh (Plus I took a hiatus from photography in 2012 ;0). Maybel is a burlesque performer and I remember being blown away the first time I saw her perform. She was on stage dressed as a wizard and was trying to convince her assistant to do a magic trick. There was this point where Maybel Syrup was pantomiming the word “Disappear” and I totally got it from the audience’s perspective and shouted it out ;0) Mabel Syrup’s more usual persona is a Clown. I really like the picture above it’s a casual pose with just a hint of clown.