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I shot with Maybel Syrup for 69 minutes and we ended up with 86 images over 8 sets.

My first pass at my favorites cuts the number down to 37

S01-01 S01-02 S01-08 S02-01 S02-02 S02-03 S02-08 S03-01 S03-04 S04-02 S04-04 S05-04 S05-06 S05-10 S05-12 S05-13 S05-14 S05-16 S05-18 S06-01 S06-06 S06-07 S06-08 S06-10 S06-12 S06-16 S06-17 S07-02 S07-07 S07-08 S07-09 S07-10 S07-12 S08-05 S08-06 S08-07 S08-09

My next cut brings us to my top 20 favorites

20150826_MabelS_T20S01-01 S01-08 S02-01 S03-04 S04-02 S05-04 S05-12 S05-13 S05-16 S05-18 S06-01 S06-08 S06-10 S06-16 S07-07 S07-09 S07-10 S07-12 S08-05 S08-07

Somewhere in there is my overall favorite image, but lets not give it away just yet.

My next step is to choose my top 10 in order. This will give my over all favorite and my top 5 for the gallery above.

In reverse order my top ten is from position 10 to 6

20150826_MabelS_T10-6S07-07 S05-18 S06-10 S05-13 S07-10

My top five in reverse order from position 5 to 2

20150826_MabelS_T05-2S08-05 S05-16 S01-01 S07-12

Which leaves my overall favorite image from the shoot

20150826_MabelS_S0512a20150826 Maybel Syrup Set 05 Image 12 – Inner Clown

I love this image so much. When I look at it I get a hint of paradox. I feel I’m looking at a no nonsense person that’s full of whimsy.

I really liked the image as soon as I took it. I remember commenting that it looks like the sort of image you’d have of an author on the back of a dust jacket.

Not to judge a book by its cover but I think I would pick up said book and at least skim through a couple of chapters.

One of the Photoshop edits I used on Inner Clown was to “polish” Maybel’s leather coat and boots. In the original image all the highlights on the leather had a blue cast. This was mostly from the ambient light coming through the window.

To fix the blue cast  I created  a monochrome adjustment layer using channel mixer. I then used a large pencil tool to masked all of the monochrome layer. Using the brush tool I was able to paint over the details of Maybel Syrup’s black leather. End result the black leather stays black and the shiny highlights become white.

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve had Maybel Syrup on my “want to work with” list for quite sometime and I would love to work with her again if we can get our schedules to align again. ;0)