Working with me

I am not a professional photographer, I do not get paid to take photographs.

I don’t offer T.F.P. (Time For Prints) but as part of my workflow the models that I work with get access to the online previews of all the usable pictures from the shoot.

I do however offer paid shoots. I only do photography for fun and as a creative outlet. I have my own set of goals for my photo shoots. Sometimes my goals might sync up with the models goals and some times it won’t. That’s why I prefer to compensate the models for their time.

I pay based on the style of modeling.

$10 up to $20 per hour: FASHION/PORTRAIT/CASUAL
$15 up to $30 per hour: GLAMOUR/LINGERIE/SWIMWEAR
$20 up to $45 per hour: FETISH/ GLAMOUR/TOPLESS
$30 up to $50 per hour: ARTISTIC NUDE
$35 up to $65 (or more) per hour: CASUAL NUDE

High or low those are my going rates.

Sometimes I pay more depending on a need or how interested I am in working with a particular person.

So what am I looking for in a model?
Unless I’m looking for something specific then in general I’m looking for:

  • Someone within an hour’s drive of Ann Arbor, MI
  • Someone over 18 and have ID to prove it. (for model release etc.)
  • Someone reliable yet flexible when it comes to scheduling.

Pretty simple requirements, so what requirements have I left out ?

Gender: no preference
Height: no preference
Weight : no preference

Each time I shoot it’s with a specific goal in mind and no it’s not all about nudity.

  • Sometimes it’s the location.
  • Sometimes it the person.
  • Some times its the pose.

If you are interested in working with me use the form below and include a link to a portfolio or picture of yourself.

Hope to work with you ;0)

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