It was back in 1999 I got hit with some extra spare time and I decided to get creative. I built a website then I built two then I built many more.

It was going on swimmingly then just over two years later there was an event that shook the world. I know I felt the effects and I was many hundreds of miles away.

Things just didn’t seem right anymore, I didn’t feel creative. I just wanted to roll up and hide under the covers.

When I finally decided to come out from the covers, it took me some time to find a medium for my creative outlet. I can’t draw and I find words too clumsy for my ideas.

I thought photography would be cool but when I started learning about it. I kept getting so frustrated with established teaching methods.  That’s when I made the decision that I didn’t want to be a photographer.

I picked up a 35mm SLR and bought a big box of film and I went out and took pictures of what I wanted. I began teaching myself to create rather than photograph. Most of those pictures where terrible but I did manage to find images I liked. I began dissecting my methodology into reproducing the images I liked.

It grew from there.

I kept with film for another couple of years till I began with Digital.

Digital is so much easier but I doubt I would have learned as much if I had started out on it.

There is nothing quite as powerful as learning the hard way how not to do things.

Like the time I loaded the wrong film in the camera and all the shots turned out grainy but I didn’t find that out till much much later after the film had been developed.

Photoshop and Gimp expanded my creativity I still can’t draw but I can nudge images closer to what I really want.

Over the years I have ground away what I don’t want to do and I’m left with what makes me happy.

I like working with people and I like working with stuff, sounds pretty simple right?

I like working on my ideas, when i’m in the zone I can shoot for 6 or 7 hours non-stop and not even realize.