I’ve been refining  my post shoot workflow process. Here is my new process

  1. Copy all images from SD Card to new folder on PC
  2. Split the photos in to sets based on changes in general pose or location
  3. Put each set into it’s own folder name Set01..Set99
  4. Starting with  Set01 go into the folder and create a new folder called Blur
  5. View all the images in Set01 place any out of focus or blurred photos into the blur folder
  6. Open the remaining photos contained in Set01 in Photoshop.
  7. Once open in Photoshop minimize all photos.
  8. Starting with the oldest picture auto adjust levels
  9. Re size image so that the biggest dimension either height or width is 1000 pixels.
  10. Save image for web 100% in the format <photoshoot-name>_<Model-name>_<set-number>_<image-number>.jpg
  11. Save to dropbox folder <photoshoot-name>|<Model-name>
  12. Repeat for each set
  13. Review images in dropbox, mark all my favorites from the shoot.
  14. Making multiple passes trim down the number of favorites from all the sets. First to 40 favorite then 20 favorite then 10 and finally 5 favorite images.
  15. Reopen the original versions of my 5 favorite images in Photoshop.
  16. Correct and polish the images.
  17. Save a .psd version of the changes and post to portfolio.