Or as I like to call it booking models

Right now I have five people who have expressed interest in shooting with me and I in turn want to shoot with them.

  1. Tonya from Toledo.
  2. Aiya from Ann Arbor.
  3. JFrancis1109 from Macomb.
  4. Ginger Kewl from Flint.
  5. Ms Nuclear Winter From Midland.

So that’s 5 time slots I need to find in my schedule. Not only that I now have to come up with five goals and ideas to go along with the shoots.

I’ve worked with Ginger and Ms Winter before at DEAC 15, Aiya found me on Model mayhem and I found Tonya and JFrancis browsing Model Mayhem.

For JFrancis I’m thinking of revisiting Lillie Park and shooting something similar to last years “Cold” shoot that I did with Heavenly Rose on St Patrick’s day 2013. Due to her schedule i’ll probably end up shooting on a Sunday after noon in April.

I think I want to see what I can do to set up some time at Serendipity Gardens. Last time I was there (Sunday) it looked like the barn was being used for storage

20140325-181332.jpgNot ideal shooting conditions ;0( But with a little elbow grease I should be able to use most if not all of the 20 by 30 area for shooting.  I really love the south facing windows so much light. Winter is over and the clock is running out for using the location at a drop of a hat. Soon Serendipity gardens will be ramping up for Spring and Summer gardening.

Tonya, Ms Winter and Ginger will probably have to be another Sunday shoot in early April.

Aiya is very local so depending on her schedule I might be able to do her shoot after 4 pm while we still have light.

As for ideas/goals I want to work on standing and seated poses with Tonya I’m really interested in what’s flattering.

Ms Winter I want to try something a little more edgy maybe try working on a set to transform the Barn into another location…

I’m a little stuck for ideas for Aiya and Ginger….