I know it’s only just spring but I miss winter and the snow. I loved the light reflecting up from the ground and the cleanliness brought on by a fresh blanket of snow.

One of the thinks I really miss about winter is getting the barn at Serendipity Gardens all to myself for shooting.

20140501-193653.jpgIt’s a wonderful airy 20 by 30 foot space. It’s in the process of being renovated into a meeting space. During the winter it was mostly empty and full of potential. I did a number of shoots there each one cold but ultimately fruitful.

However with the arrival of spring comes the growth of the plants and the maintenance and upkeep of the entire garden. As the season goes on the Barn gets co-opted more and more into the maintenance side of the running of Serendipity Gardens.  When I last walked into the barn it was full of garden benches being stained and painted getting ready for the season.

When things calm down and the plants are established in their growing season I expect the barn will once again be ready to rent. In saying that I can’t wait for the gardens to be in full bloom it’s such a serene location with a babbling brook running through it.

I hope to do a number of outdoor shoots there in the summer.