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I was doing some tiding up and I found some boxes of old photographs.  These are some of the images form my Shoot with Cagney Nicole which was almost eleven years ago… Where were you eleven years ago?


20030620 Cagney Nicole Set 01 Image 14

These are from my days of 35MM photography. I scanned some images from the prints, you can tell the quality isn’t quite up to the same level as my current Nikon but they are nice images non the less.

20030620._CN_S06_2420030620 Cagney Nicole Set 06 Image 24

From what I can tell I shot seven rolls of 35MM film each with 24 exposures which should give about 168 images. I don’t know if I have that many prints of our shoot but I certainly have quite a few.

I’ve added a few more Images of Cagney to my Top fives page