St Patrick’s day is usually filled with drinking and green, lots and lots of green.  At least that’s what it looks like in the collage town next to me.  Back in 2013 I booked Heavenly Rose for a cold shoot. My goal for the shoot was to get some images that gave the impression of cold. Well I got those and a number of other really cool images.

20130317._HR_S15_0120130317  Heavenly Rose  Set 15 Image 01

It was very cold with a wind blowing, but it was also bright and sunny.  The sun reflected up from the snow and virtually eliminated shadows cast from the bright overhead sun. This was taken from the last set of the day. The cold actually worked in our favor by adding a hint of pink to Heavenly Rose’s face.  The pink added highlights and definition to her face. I was very happy with all the images we got that day.