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My next cut should bring it down from 67 close to 40, I actually brought it very close to 20.

S02-04 S02-08 S03-02 S03-06 S03-07 S03-09 S04-05 S07-08 S07-17 S08-01 S08-04 S08-06 S09-07 S10-01 S10-04 S11-10 S11-18 S11-19 S12-07 S13-01 S13-03 S14-04 S15-04 S16-10 S17-02 S19-02 S20-03

Now I have to make the decision if I want the top 5 of each person or of the whole shoot…

Right now I have 8 images that are primarily Penny and 4 images that are primarily Ray. This leaves 15 images of the both of them.

The next cut brings me to my top 10. I have 2 images of Penny, 2 images of Ray and 6 images of the both of them.

S02-08 S03-07 S07-08 S08-01 S08-06 S12-07 S13-03 S15-04 S19-02 S20-03

Here are my top 5 in ascending order of preference. Starting with my 5th favorite image.

S08-01 S13-03 S19-02 S15-04

My favorite image from the shoot has to be S20-03 it is just so creepy.

20140611_PR_S20_03a20140611 Penny & Ray Set 20 Image 03