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As part of the update that I did to my Model Mayhem profile, I added thumbnails of my pictures to the credits section where I list models on Model Mayhem that I’ve worked with.

I had to choose some new images to add to the site, I also had some rules I had to follow.

  1. The images could not show any nudity
  2. The images had to be landscape rather than portrait orientation.

So I had to go back through all my images and find something that would represent the model and illustrate my work.  The main stumbling block I had was the orientation. Back when I got the D7000 I really liked to turn the camera on it’s side when I was working…

I do  have a lot of great pictures of Simone but only a few in landscape orientation.

D12_Simone_S01_02aD12 Simone Set 01 Image 02

When I worked with Cher at DEAC 14 we took a lot of images most of them had nudity in one form or another. I found a winner in set 4 and with a little help from Photoshop I now have an image suitable for the credits section.

D14_Cher_Set04_09aD14 Cher Set 04 Image 09

I enjoyed going back into my images from the last couple of years. I noticed how my workflow has improved. Something as simple as standardizing the file names helps a lot in finding what I’m looking for. Another consequence of going back through all those images is that I found more Model Mayhem Models that I’ve worked with.

For some reason I didn’t have Alyssa listed…