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Back in July I shot with DivasCorner we shot for 135 minutes and ended up with 158 usable images. My first cut brings it down to 62 images.

S01-05 S01-09 S02-01 S02-03 S02-05 S03-03 S05-02 S05-03 S05-08 S05-09 S05-16 S05-21 S06-01 S06-02 S06-04 S06-10 S06-11 S06-12 S06-14 S06-15 S06-16 S06-17 S06-20 S06-21 S06-22 S07-07 S07-08 S08-01 S08-03 S08-05 S08-07 S09-01 S09-02 S09-03 S09-04 S09-11 S09-11 S09-12 S09-13 S09-14 S09-15 S09-16 S10-01 S10-04 S10-05 S10-07 S10-10 S10-11 S10-13 S11-05 S11-07 S12-01 S12-02 S12-03 S13-01 S13-03 S13-05 S13-06 S13-07 S13-09 S13-10 S13-11 S13-12

From those I choose my top 20

S02-05 S05-21 S06-01 S06-10 S06-15 S06-16 S06-21 S07-08 S08-01 S08-07 S09-04 S09-15 S09-16 S10-05 S10-11 S12-01 S12-03 S13-03 S13-05 S13-07

20140716_DC_T20Here is my top 10 in order of preference.

S10-11 S12-01 S10-05 S09-04 S13-07
S09-16 S08-07 S06-15 S05-21 S02-05

My favorite image is Set 10 Image 11, at first I was going to reject it for being too dark but decided to try and polish it.

20140716_DC_S10_1120140716 DivasCorner Set 10 Image 11


When I polished S10-11 I brought the overall lightness up and the color saturation down. I brought a hit of the saturation back on the sheet that DivasCorner is using to cover herself. I then used a mask to preserve the detail around DivasCorner while I added lens blur to add depth. Finally I went around the corners removing some of the lightness I had previously added to create a subtle vignette.

20140716_DC_S10_11a20140716 DivasCorner Set 10 Image 11 – final polished version

I really like this image.

I’ve also updated my Top fives page above with my favorites from this shoot.