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Here is the latest render of DivasCorner

DC1005_014_490187267I’m liking the way it’s turning out, however the face is still mostly blank. at this stage it’s going to take a lot more time to make any major changes. What I’d normally do is change the contrast on the original seed image in the areas I want more detail. This morning I decided to try  a different approach and this is he result.

DC1005_014_490187267aThis is just a work in process where I’m trying out differing ideas.  Using Photoshop I was able to bring back some of the details that I’m I’m looking for, like the face and cleavage but the fingers are still a little muddied. Honestly I think the face has a little too much detail at this point.

I’ll continue rendering the image for a few more days and see what I can add back.

One thing that also hinders the process is when I generate thumbnails of the images the details get condensed so images look more advanced than they are.

Compare the thumbnail images in this post Vs clicking on the image and see how the details within the image change.