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Most of my props I’ve bought whilst browsing various resale shops in the area. I don’t go in looking for a particular item. It’s just when I see something I think of what I could use it for.

Last week I was in a resale store on my lunch break and I saw a pitcher and bowl set and I passed by it a few times. Nothing else caught my eye in the shop. I went back to it and tried to think what I could use it for.

There is this wonderful picture by French artist Jean-Pierre Gibrat  that has a woman with her back to the viewer fixing her hair in front of a wash basin. The woman is aware of the viewer because we can see her looking out of a mirror.

I thought well I could try and recreate that image but I’d also need a dresser and mirror. Well someday I will find a suitable dresser and mirror to go along with the pitcher and bowl (wash basin) that I now own.

I was working in the barn with Vassanta and there where some nice shadows and I was running out of poses then it occurred to me “Hey I still have the pitcher and bowl rolling around in the back of my car”.

I rushed out to my car and well we managed about 100 more images over six more sets.

20140827_VAS_S12_21a20140827 Vassanta Set 12 Image 21

I was so curious about how these images turned out I skipped a a number of sets just to see what I had.

I am very happy with the images.