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I shot with Farril for 48 minutes and ended up with 119 usable images over 10 sets

D17_Farril_S10_02aDEAC 17 Farril Set 10 Image 02

Going through the previews from DEAC 17 has been a very slow process. The sheer amount of images was starting to wear down on me.  I still have 200+ images of Tyger to go through ;0( and I can only work on them during a small time frame during my day.

Although in saying that this morning I had a bright idea / epiphany. I decided I needed to change my work flow. While I have automated most of my workflow I still have a major manual part when working with the file names. I’ve made improvements where  I select a similar file name with the correct image number  then all I need to do is update the set number. That leap in work flow was the equivalent improvement of learning to bicycle over walking.

This morning’s change in workflow is the equivalent to driving a car…

As Jay-Z  might say if he was using Photoshop

I got 99 problems but my batch ain’t one of them”

lets see File>Automate>Batch

  • Select your action (I auto level and resize)
  • Select your source folder
  • Select your destination folder
  • Select field that will be concatenated into file name.
    • so I select “event_model_set” + 2digit serial number + extension

I then click go.

It’s that simple. Now all I need to do is hit enter after I’ve reviewed each image and I’m done.

The speed is awesome. I thought I might have only been able to get to one set done today. I was able to do four and have time to write this post.

It’s the sort of workflow improvement that makes me feel like an idiot for doing things the old way ;0)