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When I shot with Molly C I ended up with 76 usable image but a few of them suffered from low light noise. My first cut brings it down to 32 images.

S01-03 S02-03 S02-07 S02-09 S03-06 S04-01 S04-04 S04-07 S04-09 S05-02 S05-03 S05-07 S05-08 S06-01 S06-07 S07-01 S07-03 S07-04 S08-01 S08-06 S08-07 S08-09 S09-03 S10-01 S10-03 S10-04 S10-05 S10-06 S10-08 S10-10 S10-11 S10-12

My next cut lops off just over 1/3 of my remaining images to get to my top 20.

20150207_MC_T20S01-03 S02-03 S02-07 S02-09 S04-04 S04-07 S05-02 S05-08 S06-01 S06-07 S07-01 S07-04 S08-01 S08-06 S08-07 S08-09 S09-03 S10-03 S10-08 S10-12

My next step is to choose my top 10 in order. This will give my over all favorite and my top 5 for the gallery above.

In reverse order my top ten is from position 10 to 6

20150207_MC_T10-6S10-03 S01-03 S10-12 S08-09 S05-08

My top five in reverse order from position 5 to 2

20150207_MC_T05-02S07-04 S04-04 S06-07 S02-09

I still have to polish my top 5 before I post them into the gallery.

My over all favorite image from the shoot is

20150207_MC_S08_06a20150207 Molly C Set 08 Image 06

I’m still a little bummed about the extra noise in some of the images but on the whole I’m very happy with the images from the shoot. I hope to work with Molly C again maybe this time I’ll get the lighting right ;0)