If you have ever checked out the Culture of Detroit Wikipedia entry under the section for Festivals and events. There is half a sentence about the Dirty Show in Detroit. It’s an art and performance show that is generally heralded as an Alternative Valentines’ day event although it does run the weekend before Valentines.

Now lets get this straight this is dirty as in indecent/ scandalous not dirty as in needs to be washed. It’s not for the faint of heart but it is bursting with creativity.

My Art is pretty big 30 by 20 inches and that’s before the frames but there are some paintings that dwarf them in comparison.  As to content if I’d say my images are slightly cloudy rather than dirty compared to some of the rest of the art ;0)

As a contributing artist I got an Artist’s badge where I wrote my name ;0)


The exhibition space is large three cash bars a stage with seating and numerous performance areas. First thing I did was locate my images. I’m very happy with where they are hung. It’s pretty prominent placing and both images are two pictures apart.

There is a wide range of images, painting and sculptures. Ranging from funny to nightmares. The creativity is oozing off the walls. I did not buy any art mostly because I wouldn’t have anywhere to put it.

However  I did play the “Antiques roadshow game”. Basically you have a set budget and you choose a piece based on that amount. Oh it was difficult I did like the picture made of nails hammered in at different depths, I also liked the various stain glass panels.


For my budget it was a toss up between a piece called “Dowager Countess” which was a digital illustration with selective embroidery depicting a topless Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham (of Downton Abby fame) complete with embroidered string of pearls.



“A voyeurs Valise Room #415” which was a small steam trunk style valise with a prominent key hole in it. Looking through the key hole you could see a looping video of the supposed occupant of room #415.


I don’t think there is anyone person alive who would like all the art on display at the show but isn’t that the point of art. Some art just isn’t created to be liked.

Around 10 pm the main stage performances begin in earnest mostly burlesque in nature but from a wide range of styles. I can check off a couple of new styles I had not seen before including a Cthulhu based act with face tentacles.