I feel I have been lucky when booking people to shoot with. So far (touch wood) I haven’t booked a no show.

While I’ve personally haven’t been a no show I have on occasions had to rebook and rebook again.

I know it’s frustrating for the people I book but It’s all about time and scheduling, I work a full time job and a part time job and have a full time family.

That leaves my photography to be crammed in between the cracks of my busy schedule.

Small things can throw off my whole schedule.

Photographing objects and places are easy they don’t mind waiting and generally a shot or two and I’m done.

People on the other hand well, I’m surprised I’m able to book anyone ;0)

I’m working on my prep and cool down times for shoots. Generally I have to tack on an hour prep before a shoot and half an hour for clean up after the shoot.

So a 1 hour shoot eats up close to 2 1/2 hours but wait that 1 hour shoot generally means only 30-45 minutes in front of the camera. See where this is going? A longer booking offsets much of the warm up time.

When I book someone it’s usually 2-3 hours but that means I end up dedicating like half a day to it…

There are only certain days in my schedule where I have the luxury of 4 hours of uninterrupted time.

Now couple that with a models schedule and like I said I’m surprised I manage to book anyone ;0)