It stayed around for a long time but now the snow is gone until the end of the year.

I’ve only done two shoots in the snow but I have had more experience shooting with models in the cold.

I feel there is a responsibility by the photographer (me) to experience the same conditions as my subject (within limits of course ;0)

I’ll take off my coat and wear a t-shirt so I can better appreciate the cold.

I remember ST Patrick’s day 2013 I was shooting with Heavenly Rose in Lillie park Ann Arbor it wasn’t above freezing and the wind was blowing. It was cold, I kept asking if she was warm enough she kept saying yes. It was too cold for me to take my coat off so I know it was too cold.

I basically stopped told her to go warm up and change outfits.

I then slowly walked around scouting locations to give her time to warm up.

I feel in my heart that she would have ignored the cold just to get pictures for her portfolio.


After that I made extra effort to be more considerate of the environment.

Last month I asked Jillian R to pose bare foot in the ‘snow’. What I actually did is create small white insulated platforms for her to stand on so that she didn’t have any actual skin contact with the snow.

I also shot quickly ;0)