After a shoot when I get home, the first thing I do is copy the images off the card.

I just feel happier when I have the images in more than one place.

The newly copied images are my working copies. These are separate from the originals (just in case I have an accident etc) These are the ones I use whenever I need to adjust the image.

My next step in my work flow is to break all these images down chronologically into sets.

A set to me us a significant change in composition. Either a change in pose, prop or costume.

The way I do that is look at thumbnails and watch the colors change ;0)

Working with Tonya Z I have over 300 images from our shoot. I broke those images into sets and ended up with 23. Each set contains between 6 and 20 images.

Once the images have been put into sets then I get to discard the blinks and blurs. Everything else is a usable image.

I sort through the usable images and find my favorites.

I polish up my favorites and I use them in my portfolio.