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I like to make the distinction between digital photographs and digital images.  To me a photograph has minimal post production, the closer the image is to the camera the closer it is to being a photograph. When you start changing the the elements within the composition then you start creating a digital image.

There are some post production techniques that are analogous to the work done by chemical / film photographers and I reckon those would be acceptable to use to keep a composition a photograph.  So things like resizing and changing levels etc would be allowable.

I decided I wanted to do more than just levels with my favorite image from my photo shoot with Tonya Z.  I wanted to do something a little artistic, and maybe a little meta.  I used Photoshop to alter a reflection and create a painting inside my digital image.


I remember when I first saw the reflection through the camera I was so exited I could see two distinct images of Tonya Z.  One held identity and modesty the other held anonymity and was more graphic. Two aspects of the same composition element (person).  I’m very happy with the way the image turned out.

20140406_TZ_S23_04a20140406 – Tonya Z Set 23 image 04

My only caveat (and I am loathed to mention it because you probably didn’t even notice it) is that i wish I could have found a candle for the candlestick holder.

I love this image