The image I was having an issue with Google about has finally been removed from the Google image search.

Lets see  I removed the image from my blog  then requested that the image be removed from Google.  That didn’t work because apparently even if you remove the image from WordPress it stays in the WordPress image cache for a few days (more like a week). My next step was to remove the page all together,. that partially worked. the image still showed up on the Google image search but when you clicked it took you to a 404 page not found (or the equivalent WordPress 404 page).

I had to submit 3 separate requests using the Google URL removal tool

the first two where denied

“Your request has been denied because the webmaster of the site hasn’t applied the appropriate robots.txt file or meta tags to block us from indexing or archiving this page.

Please work with the webmaster of this site or select an alternate removal option from the webpage removal request tool.”


The content you submitted for cache removal appears on a live page.

As you may know, information in our search results is actually located on publicly available webpages. Even if we removed this page from our index, the content in question would still be available on the web.

To remove this information from our search results and from the web, you’ll need to contact the webmaster of the site in question. Once the webmaster makes the change, you can submit a request to remove the cached copy or simply wait for our search results to reflect this change the next time we crawl the page. Important! The site owner will need to demonstrate that the page has been changed since Google last crawled it. More information.”

Finally today it looks like the image is gone.