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So my day job has thrown its hooks far and wide and once again I have had gobbets of my shooting time taken away from me.

I was supposed to shoot on the 23rd and 30th but work it’s says “NO

I’m in the process of rescheduling with one of the models but the other was a nomadic model. She travels from area to area looking for work. The 23rd was her last day in my area. I’ll keep an eye out for her schedule and see if I can book her but chances are she’ll not be back for a while.

In saying that I did wait six months for the opportunity to work with Farril

20121202_Farril_S06_1820121202 – Ferril Set 06 Image 18

It was early December and the concept I had for this part of the shoot was a twisted Snow White and a poisoned apple.

See what I did there…  poisoned apple  ;0)