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These are the last few days of April and I’m left thinking about new locations to shoot.

I was going over the images of Jillian and Tonya. Since I used the same indoor location (attic bedroom) the images have a same-ish quality to them.


I have that idea that I might get access to more varied locations if I use some of these online house sharing services like airbnb.

I’m not sure it is allowable in the terms of service but I reckon I would end up being a good renter. I wouldn’t even require an over night stay.

20140406 Tonya Z Set 02 Image 05 

This was at the beginning of the shoot while we were still warming up.


20140428-065908.jpg20140305 Jillian R  Set 05 Image 06 

This is one of my top 5 favorites from the attic bedroom shoot in March with Jillian R.