I won’t take pictures for you. -I might however take pictures of you but not for you.  

I don’t like to call myself a photographer because I wouldn’t know how to define what a photographer is, or more importantly where to draw the line at what a photographer isn’t.

Do you become a photographer when…

  • You click the button?
  • You get paid for and image you produced
  • You take a class on how to take a picture?
  • Someone else likes your images?
  • Someone poses for you?

All that I comfortably know about being a photographer taking pictures is that it is a pastime of mine.

If I was to take the badge of photographer I would have to say I am more than a bit of a self-serving photographer.  In saying that I do want to make a distinction that I am self-serving rather than selfish. I take photographs for my own reasons but sometimes my reasons overlap with other people’s reasons. ;0).

Quid pro quosomething for something.

I feel if I was a selfish photographer I would USE the people that I collaborate with rather than work with them. When I work with people (because I do like working with people), I like it to be a two way flow of value. I take their time and their image and in consideration I offer remuneration, mostly in the form of cold hard cash but also a hit of experience and copies of the images.

Communication is the key!

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a curmudgeon to work with, I make all my photo shoots as pleasant and enjoyable as I can.

Not everyone is a saint (especially not me) in the photographic world. There are a lot of people out there with cameras claiming to be all powerful and that with a click of the button they will make people rich and famous. I’m not one of those guys, I’m just a guy with a camera who takes pictures.

I don’t quite understand the motivation of  certain “photographers” that try to get someone to do something they are not happy with. What results are they really trying to achieve? Certainly nothing to do with composition.

Before I have anyone in front of my camera I’ve already discussed my intentions and what my goals are.  I have a short time frame of an hour or two and in that time I have to build rapport to get the results I’m looking for. I work a lot with nudity and close to nudity and that takes trust and respect. I would not consider asking anyone to pose in a way that would make them feel compromised.

No mater if they are experienced nude art models or it the first time in front of the camera I never assume anything and I will ask what they are comfortable doing and what they are not comfortable doing. As opposed to finding out what their limit is.

Everyone is unique and everyone deserves respect.