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I get ideas all the time but only a few make it to fruition.  Some ideas aren’t related to photography and some are just impractical. The others burn brightly in my mind before the majority fizzle into nothing just like a cheap sparkler on the 4th of July.  The ones that are left are the ones that for some reason have been interesting enough for me to do some secondary thoughts and maybe scratch out a few notes about them.

So I was  walking past a recycle bin full of old books and I started thinking…



Then I had an idea about building a book / library set so I set about sketching up a rough plan for what I would need.


  1. Interesting objects placed on window sills.
  2. Large rug.
  3. Books and interesting objects for the bookshelf.
  4. Stacks of books.
  5. A pile of book pages on the floor.

This is a project that might take me a while to assemble but i’m thinking it would be worth the effort by being a nice composition. I even know where I could set it up. The Barn.


I need to come up with a cool name for this project, how about Project: Book Pages..

I guess my first step will be asking permission to use a corner of the barn to build the set.