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Family commitments and job scheduling means I only have a short 5 day window in which I can do my photography in July.  I’ve sent emails to some of the people I wasn’t able to work with in June to see if they have availability. I’ve also send out e-mails to  a few new people to see if they are interested in working with me.

I’ve even posted a couple of casting notices looking for people to work with during my working window.

I have a family and work two jobs so I don’t generally have the luxury of a consistent photography schedule.. In July I only have about five days that I can dedicate to photograph. My photo shoots last between 2 to 4 hours and I work from 10 am and ending at 8pm.

I am looking for Female models to work with (generally only one model at at time) I am looking to shoot indoors, outdoors and in the studio. No nudity although I am looking for underwear / lingerie / bikini to pose in implied nudity. (Check out my profile and my blog damagedi.com for examples of what I’m looking to do for implied nudity)

I pay based on the style of modeling.

$10 up to $20 per hour: FASHION/PORTRAIT/CASUAL
$15 up to $30 per hour: GLAMOUR/LINGERIE/SWIMWEAR
$20 up to $45 per hour: FETISH/ GLAMOUR/TOPLESS

High or low those are my going rates.

Sometimes I pay more depending on a need or how interested I am in working with a particular person. I’m looking to fill out my portfolio and I might be willing to negotiate your modeling rates.

My shoots are 2-4 hours in length

Sorry you MUST be over 18 and have ID to prove it. (for the model release etc)

If you contacted me with regards to my previous castings and we didn’t manage to get our schedules to match I would still like to hear from you if you are interested in working on this with me.

Hopefully I’ll be able to schedule someone to work with.  In the mean time I’m going to see if I can add to the book setting that I used with Jillian R.


Back in early May I had this idea for a book setting. Lots of books and a sprinkling of objet d’art.

20140503-120952.jpgI have the rug and the books but I am lacking a bookcase and items for set dressing. I think I’ll do some scavenging and a bit more junking to see if I can build more life into this setting.