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Or as the rest of the world calls it Happy Friday…

I’m still going through the sets of Jillian, I now have three sets remaining. I thought I’d try and pick some images from the sets I did this morning to post. Then I thought “hey I could use Independence day as a theme” then I was like “hold on, these are just pictures of Jillian out side on a blanket. There is no red white or blue in the images.  No fireworks nor charred mammal flesh on a bun.”

So here are a couple of images that have a very loose connection to independence day and it’s activities…

20140617_JR_S13_06a20140617 Jillian R Set 13 Image 06

I was thinking the tenuous link would be sunbathing or waiting for the picnic to be set up?

20140617_JR_S15_13a20140617 Jillian R Set 15 Image 13

For this one I’m reaching here but I was thinking classic pinup pose something akin to bomber nose art but then I was thinking hey that’s probably more appropriate for Veteran’s day or Memorial day.  They are very flimsy excuses to post the images but this is my day off ;0)

Have a great rest of the day I hope for the rest of mine to involve Baseball, parades and maybe a beer or three.