Do you remember your first time… falling off a bike, skinning your knee, choosing to eat vegetables because it was the grown up thing to do.

Back in September 2012 I attended my first DEAC event, the very first model I worked with was Marie. As it turns out I was her first DEAC photographer. Man was I nervous, I didn’t know what to expect. When you attend a DEAC event there are a number of participation rules that you must follow. While they are pretty easy to follow they can be a little intimidating at first.  One of them is don’t change the environment that you are shooting in (although it’s not phrased that way).  So I’m all worried about not cleaning up the area. Marie arrives I introduce myself and we start shooting.

D12_Marie_S01_01aDEAC 12 Marie Set 01 Image 01

This is the first image I took at my first DEAC event. Look at all the crap in the shot, my bag and her clothes. I am pretty lucky Marie is standing where she is because I totally left my notebook on the shelf behind her.  The first set with Marie was about 20 images, it was a nice warm up set. It let me calm down and start getting creative.

D12_Marie_S04_10aDEAC 12 Marie Set 04 Image 10

We ended up doing about 13 sets, all in the space of an hour.  It was a really fun experience.