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It only took 3 days of rendering to get an image I’m happy with. I decided to call it DARK

D15_Scrubwench_S06_04_008_2Which lead me to start a new render this time of one of Tonya Z images if all works well I’ll call it Light.

20140406_TZ_S16_19_002_2272This is Light after 10 minutes of render. It’s taken from Tonya Z’s set 16 image 19. The original image was one of those that looked cool but didn’t seem to have everything it needed to stand by its own. I’ll have to wait till the render is done to find out if it has what it takes to work with Dark…

In saying that when I went to attach the 10 minute render of Light I could actually ‘see’ a more than fair representation of Tonya Z’s set 16 image 19 in the small thumbnail image of the render.