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So I’m pretty happy with the details on her fingers but I’m not sure I like the necklace.  It has a number of faceted beads and right now it only looking like a gray blob ;0(

20140406_TZ_S16_19_004_3974The above image is the render after one day. All the heavy cutting has been done. This is the shape the render will have when it’s finished. From now on it’s just fine polishing of details.

20140406_TZ_S16_19_006_3577This is light after 2 days of rendering. 24 hours worth of render from the first image on the page. You will be hard pressed to notice the changes between the two.  Right now it’s consolidation of the polygons, reshaping them to better fit the needed colors.   You can best see that if you look at the ring finger, the middle pink polygon has changed shape between the two images.

I think to get the level of detail I’m looking for in the necklace this will be a long render.  The problem with that it might bring too much detail to the rest of the image….