I do photography for my own reasons. I want to make an image that I find interesting and that I feel proud of.

What captures my interest? Well I could say boobs but I do spend an inordinate amount of time hiding them when I do implied nudes.

What really clicks my shutter are stolen expressions. If I can capture an expression that looks genuine, then it’s certainly on its way to being interesting.

If I can get an image that taken out of context tells its own story then I’m happy ;0)


Above is divas corner with a far away deep thought look on her face. To me she is contemplating an unpleasant choice… Rather than “just hold the glass up to your face and look away”

Tonya Z Set 03 Image 07

Tonya Z Set 03 Image 07

While here I just caught an expression in between shots and I really liked it. It’s like a picture of apprehension.

Taken out of context it’s like this is the first time, full of uncertainty unsure what happens next. It’s like a stolen moment rather than a unexpected click of the camera. I doubt I would be able to replicate this look again. I am happy I caught it on camera.