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A bath tub.

At DEAC 14 it was hot, dark and cramped. It was also lots of fun. I got to work with quite a few different models at a number of different stations. One of my favorites was a grubby empty bathtub at the corner of the stage.

I have pictures with most of the models I worked with in or around that tub.

One of the models I worked with required a wheel chair and had trouble sitting up. The bath tub was a great place to pose.


DEAC 14 Alex N Set 07 Image 01

What I really like was how much the tub could cover and yet still leave room for imagination.


DEAC 14 Tia Set 06 Image 12

Tia is actually fully clothed as in top, skirt and the whole works. The bathtub hides just enough that your mind fills in the blanks.


DEAC 14 Ms Freaks Set 01 Image 07

With Ms Freaks the tub doesn’t so much hide as as it lets her pose in a more natural way. A natural pose helps your mind “fill in the blanks”.

All I’m going to say is that she isn’t naked in the tub ;0)