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Then make sure those lemons are chair shaped.

As I mentioned before DEAC 14 was cramped when I was working with Sanura Oseye it was so cramped in the shooting area we decided to go outside to see what we could do. Turns out we got some nice shots but we really couldn’t do posing in anything other than jeans and a shirt.

D14_Sanura_Oseye_S01_02aDEAC 14 Sanura Oseye Set 01 Image 02

When we came back to the shooting area it was still busy but like us the other models / photographers where cycling through stations.  We manage to snag a few stations but we ended up on the other side of the stage with only a chair…

D14_Sanura_Oseye_S08_04aDEAC 14 Sanura Oseye Set 08 Image 04

Simple chair but many poses. If life gives you lemons you just have to roll with it and be as creative as you can manage.