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Immortal lyrics from Blind Melon’s “No Rain”.

I’m sitting here in a coffee shop working on a draft of this post and the rain is coming down making puddles and I’m thinking I’d love to shoot in the rain. Then I’m thinking of how difficult it was to book someone to work in the snow with me. When it comes down to it forward thinking and pre-planning helped a lot on the winter shoot. before I even booked Jillian I had spent some time thinking on how to lessen exposure (heat vs light type) and keep the area in a workable environment.

Snow and cold had its challenges, rain would have them as well. First off everything gets wet (well duh!) there is also the cold and shivering. Most of all it’s the unpredictability of rain… I can’t guarantee that it will be raining on any day ;0(



20140305 Jillian R Set 09 image 01

This past March I worked with Jillian R and we managed some cool images in the snow.

I would love to work out in a forest or similar when it’s raining. I think I have locations I could use around here I’ll have to go scouting..  Working in the rain is going on my to do list