I worked with Simone back at my first DEAC event. She had traveled from out of state to attend and she was very fun to work with.

D12_Simone_S03_06aDEAC 12 Simone Set 03 Image 06

Simone was the one who notified me that she hadn’t received her images from DEAC 12, this was four months later. After some investigation it seems that the post DEAC 12 shoot e-mail I sent to everyone via the DEAC e-mail system got truncated and no one I worked with at DEAC 12 got the link to the photos from the shoot. ;0(

I had actually just cleaned out my Dropbox folder the month before so I had to generate new preview images from the original shots. I created a Photoshop action to automatically adjust levels and resize the images for the previews. I also now give out the photo link location before the actual shoot and keep the previews out on my Dropbox just in case someone needs them.