SO I had this idea back in 2012 to recreate fairy tails but with a more grown up feel to them.

20121202._Ferril_S07_2220121202 Ferril  Set 07 Image 22

This is Ferril playing the part of Gretel (From Hansel and Gretel fame)  she is trying to leave a trail to so as not to get lost.

It was our last set out in the back field, second to last location.  We started of in the barn (it was a real barn back then) before moving outside and then on to the field. I’s not quite a forest but it had depth. We were working in early December It was pretty mild for the time of year. It was so mild I thought Winter would never come.  I actually  had two more shoots scheduled for December 2012 but the snows and the cold caught up with us.