We shot for 117 minutes and ended up with 118 usable images.

20140611_LM_S12_01a20140611 Lillith Monroe Set 12 Image 01

I had the privilege and honor of being Lillith’s first photo shoot. Which is pretty cool, if I did my job right I’ll be the standard she uses as how photographers should treat their models ;0)

We shot 12 sets, the first couple of sets I focused on what Lillith likes about herself (her eyes) and got a gauge on how she takes to direction.

We then moved along finding poses that looked flattering and where still within her comfort level.

I could tell she was apprehensive at the start of the shoot but she relaxed and seemed to really enjoy her time in front of the camera.

Incidentally Lillith was the model that had to cancel last Friday.

Since I was already planning on shooting at the location with Penny and Ray I took a chance (very last minute ) to see if Lillith was available for a shoot later in the day.

As luck would have it she was and I’m pretty glad I got the opportunity to work with her.

I certainly would book her again