I am still working on the previews of Penny and Ray. I have some really cool shots and I can’t wait so see which are my favorites.

Speaking of favorites I have begun choosing my favorites from Lillith’s shoot based on the preview images. My goal is to find my top 5 images from the shoot.

The first cut is usually the most brutal, I aim to cut more than half of the images. My goal is to get as close to 40 as I can.

The second cuts is usually my top 20.

The third cut is my top ten.

The fourth cut is my top five. Sometimes I go as far as choose my favorite from the top five.

My first cut from Lillith’s shoot whittled 118 down to exactly 40.

In set order rather than preference here are the image numbers for the first cut

S01-01 S01-04 S02-01 S02-03 S02-05
S02-10 S03-03 S03-06 S03-10 S04-02
S04-04 S04-06 S05-10 S05-12 S06-01
S07-01 S07-03 S07-05 S07-08 S07-12
S07-15 S07-18 S08-01 S08-02 S08-04
S09-01 S09-02 S09-03 S09-06 S10-02
S10-03 S10-04 S10-07 S10-08 S11-01
S11-02 S11-06 S12-01 S12-03 S12-13

Each subsequent cut gets harder and harder to make because I’m discarding perfectly good images that I feel “attached” to.

Here is my top 20

S01-01 S01-04 S02-01 S02-10 S03-03
S03-10 S04-02 S07-01 S07-03 S07-08
S08-01 S08-02 S09-03 S09-06 S10-07
S10-08 S11-01 S11-02 S12-01 S12-13

From there I cut 10, now the ten that I cut are the ones that didn’t quite make the grade. If I was smart enough I’d study them to see what I need to do to improve on them. This is the learning part of the shoot.

My top 10

S01-01 S01-04 S02-10 S03-10 S04-02
S08-02 S09-06 S10-08 S11-02 S12-13

Next cut is for my portfolio, the top five from the shoot.

S01-01 S01-04 S10-08 S11-02 S12-13

All winners all deserving some “spit-n-polish” and placement into my portfolio. However I can’t just leave it alone. I need to find my favorite from the shoot.

My favorite is…

20140611_LM_S10_08a20140611 Lillith Monroe Set 10 Image 08