We shot for 160 minutes and ended up with 197 usable images

20140611_PR_S02_08a20140611 Penny & Ray Set 02 Image 08

This shoot was originally scheduled just for Penny but at some point during the booking process she mentioned her chaperone was going to be Ray.  Ray had contacted me earlier inquiring if I’d like to shoot with him. I told him I was interested. So I contacted Ray to see if he would be interested in working with me on the same day as I was shooting Penny.  My plan was to book each to two hours spread over three. One hour dedicated to shooting each model separately and one hour Shooting them together.  Well it sort of went that way and it sort of didn’t.

Penny and Ray are a couple and they work excellent together. I got some very interesting shots that I doubt I would have been able to get without shooting with a couple.  I mean you can have a shot where two people hold each other and it looks great but when you add a little subtle intimacy (nothing that you can quite put your finger on) then it goes from great to excellent.

Serendipity Gardens was so lush and vibrant I just had to shoot outside. It was a little humid and at one point it started to rain but we managed to get some good shots out side. I am very happy with the photo shoot and would book them both again.