I was pretty brutal with the first cut from 197 I went down to 67 (roughly 2/3 cut)

S02-04 S02-07 S02-08 S03-02 S03-05 S03-06 S03-07 S03-08 S03-09 S04-03 S04-05 S05-01 S06-17 S07-08 S07-09 S07-17 S08-01 S08-03 S08-04 S08-05S08-06 S08-07 S08-09 S08-10 S08-11 S09-01 S09-07 S09-08 S09-09 S10-01 S10-04 S10-08 S10-09 S10-13 S11-10 S11-11 S11-12 S11-13 S11-14 S11-16 S11-18 S11-19 S12-04 S12-07 S13-01 S13-02 S13-03 S13-05 S14-03 S14-04 S14-05 S15-03 S15-04 S16-10 S16-11 S16-12 S17-02 S17-04 S18-01 S19-01 S19-02 S20-01 S20-02 S20-03 S20-04 S20-05 S20-06

I’m still deciding if I should find my favorites of Penny, Ray and Penny & Ray or if I should just find my favorites from the whole shoot…

20140611_PR_S03_06b20140611 Penny & Ray Set 03 Image 06

One of the problems I’m having is that I did a few photographs in a series and when put together they tell a story. My issue is that if I only pick one image from the series do I even come close to the full impact of the story I was trying to tell?

20140611_PR_S07_17a20140611 Penny & Ray Set 07 Image 17

There are a couple of stores one was with mirrors and the couple reaching across to be together (ahhh love ;0). While another was about Penny about to do bad things to ray as he slept.

I still have to choose the quintessential image from each of those sets, I want an image that would be able to stand by itself and still tell the story without the help of the others from the set.