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Just got notice that there is a new art show happening in August and DEAC members have been asked to submit images for the show.

As I hear I submit 1-3 images for the show and 1 or 2 images will be selected for display.

The general idea is that the images I submit should be from a DEAC event.

So now I’m going through trying to pick some images to submit.

20140625-091127-33087846.jpgD15 Ms Nuclear Winter Set 08 Image 03

I was thinking of submitting this image. I think I call it “RED”, I want to pick 3 different images to submit. So now I have to find 2 more images from my DEAC files.

I sort of have an idea that I could submit a distressed and aged version of

20140625-091659-33419573.jpgD14 Cher Set 06 Image 02

I want to add to its vintage look.

The last image I’m not sure about, I have to give it some more thought.