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So I’ve been thinking about what I want to submit to the art show. This past weekend I went ‘junk shopping’ for some old looking picture frames.

I found a number of old frames in differing styles including a wooden double oval frame. It gave me some inspiration. My idea is to use a couple of black and white pictures of Cher from DEAC 14. One for each oval. I want to make a fake ‘antique’ something modern but looks like its from the 50’s/60’s

This is my prototype for “yesterday’s pinup” the frame only has one coat of furniture polish and the pictures of Cher are only laser printouts to get the size right


So I need a 8 by 10 for the portrait and a 5 by 7 for the reclining pose. When I put the real pictures in it will be finished. I’m still thinking of ways to add to the aging maybe add something to the back?