So at the end of the month I’m taking a road trip to Connecticut. I’m loading the family into the roadster and heading east.

I posted a casting call to see if I can work with some new people while I’m out there. Wow the response was impressive, from so many states. I guess the states are closer down there

One of the things I noticed from the responses I got is how people are the same but different…

Some details that I take for granted up here in Michigan aren’t so popular in the connecticut. And the converse is true. It seems that “bikini” shoots are über popular down there.  I basically posted similar casting notices down there as I did up here looking to do implied nude shots.  I got a lot of responses saying that they are willing to do just swimsuit shoots. To which I replied back with excerpts from the casting saying that my focus isn’t swimsuits rather implied nudity.

I am more interested in compositions where I can lead the viewer to the “wrong” conclusion than a model being scantily clad.

I guess I’ll have to wait to see how (if) the Connecticut shoots turn out.