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My work rarely exists in the real world except when printed for shows.

Living in a family of photographers means that the walls of my home are covered with photos.

I have barely enough room to pin the latest artistic creation from my little one onto the refrigerator. Let alone have space to display my favorites from my photography.

As part of the artistic community I make a point of commenting and showing my appreciation of other peoples art.

Sometimes I find an image that I really really like and am inspired by it. Inspired enough to want to own it.

Then comes the tricky part I don’t have space to display it and how am I able to get inspiration if I can’t see the image?

Well that’s when size matters, I contact the artist / photographer and we discuss a custom print for myself.

I ask for a wallet sized version of their work to display on my desk. Then it’s all down to the art of negotiation. Some times I end up with the original with the wallet size thrown in as a complimentary print. Some times I just get the wallet size. It’s not that my custom version is any lesser than the original versions.

My latest acquisition is the painted lady by Stan Freedman Photo.


I’ve seen a lot of body paint images but the color and texture of the paint really impressed me. The thick paint helps blur the lines between the painting and the model.

I was so impressed with this ‘simple’ implementation that I want to try it out.

I sent out a couple of enquiries to various models to see if they are interested in trying something like this.

I’m really hoping to hear back from Ferril, I worked with her a few times and she is an artist. My thoughts are that she can put her artistic spin on things when she daubes the paint on herself.