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Well, more strange than normal. I had originally planed to shoot again with Penny and Ray but they were running late and then their car decided to break down. They had to cancel and get the car towed. Which was a bit of a bummer for them no one needs car repair bills etc and for me yesterday was my probably my last day in July for me to shoot up here.

Since I have a crazy schedule, rather than let the shooting opportunity go to waste I sent out some e-mails and texts inquiring if anyone had availability. Around 2pm I got a text from DevasCorner she was available after 5pm. My last shoot with DivasCorner was at DEAC 15. It was a very cold February shoot in downtown Detroit.  We made arrangements to shoot at 6pm yesterday.

It was very remarkable that I was able to rebook someone so quickly, normally I have a minimum of a day or so and sometimes it takes months ;0)

20140717_DC_S01_05a20140716 DivasCorner Set 01 Image 05

We shot for 125 minutes and took 169 images in 13 sets. It was certainly warmer than the last time we shot but also a little buggy and the light wasn’t quite as good near the end of the shoot. I would certainly book with DivasCorner again.