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Back in June I shot with Jillian R we shot for 154 minutes and took 307 photographs.  My first cut was pretty brutal I cut it down to 46 images

S01-10 S02-07 S03-12 S03-13 S03-14 S03-15 S04-01 S04-05
S05-04S 05-09
S05-12 S06-12 S06-14 S07-12 S09-11 S10-11
S11-04 S12-02 S12-05 S12-07
S12-09 S12-12 S12-14 S12-16
S12-21 S12-23 S12-24 S12-26 S13-02 S13-06
S14-12 S15-11
S15-13 S16-01 S16-06 S17-01 S17-05 S18-01 S18-16 S18-21
S18-24 S19-01 S20-02 S20-16 S20-17 S20-23

From those I choose my top 20

S03-14 S03-15 S04-05 S05-04 S10-11
S11-04 S12-02 S12-12
S12-14 S12-21
S12-26 S13-06
S15-13 S16-06 S17-01
S17-05 S18-16
S18-24 S19-01 S20-17


20140617 Jillian R Top 20

I’ve said it before going from 20 down to 10 is a little painful. I like all the images in the top 20 but Some just have to go for the others to shine. Like choosing between S12-21 and S12-26 Almost identical poses I like the crop of S12-26 but I like the expression and slight turn of S12-21 better.

So here is my top 10 in order of preference, so it’s also my top 5 as well.

S12-12 S03-14 S12-21 S17-01 S10-11
S16-06 S12-14 S17-05 S11-04 S18-24

I’m a little surprised that I actually kept an intentionally blurred picture of Jillian R (S18-24) in my top 10. I like it for it’s artistic focus, if you concentrate on the grass in the forefront and you miss things. Some times you have to scale back and see the big picture to appreciate things.

I also updated my top fives page above to include my top 5 images from Jillian R’s shoot.