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We shot for 161 minutes and ended up with 199 usable images in 16 sets.

20140713_AH_S06_11a20140713 Amanda H Set 06 Image 11

Amanda H has a strict “no nipple or crotch shots” when taking pictures. However sometimes the camera sees more than the guy behind it. When I was going through the previews I chose to discard two images because I felt that while they didn’t show anything they did violate the spirit of her stipulation.

My plan for her shoot was to work on implied nudes which I did but what surprised me was how much we worked out in the garden. Normally on a shoot the first set or two are used just to warm up and see how we work as a team. After we’ve warmed up we move on to the goal of the shoot.

Amanda H brought some outfits that just worked for the location. We spent more than half the shoot getting images in the garden. we ended up with 113 usable images in 6 sets in the garden. Her white dress and sun hat along with her bright yellow dress just stood out amongst the green of the garden, and it encouraged me to shoot more.