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Starting with almost 200 usable images my first cut whittles them down to 68 pictures that I really like.

S01-04 S01-09 S01-10 S01-12 s02-04 s02-15 s02-17
S03-02 S03-07 s04-01 s04-09 s04-14 S05-03 S05-09
S05-10 S05-11 S05-13 s06-04 s06-06 s06-11 s06-15
s07-04 s07-06 s07-09 S08-02 S08-07 S08-10 S08-11
S08-12 S08-17 S08-19 S09-06 S10-01 S10-04 S10-05
S10-07 S10-10 S10-12 S11-02 S11-04 S11-07 S12-02
S12-06 S13-01 S13-06 S13-10 S14-01 S14-02 S14-03
S14-07 S14-08 S15-01 S15-02 S15-03 S15-04 S15-05
S15-06 S15-08 S15-10 S15-12 S15-13 s16-01 s16-03
s16-05 s16-07 s16-08 s16-09

Top 20

S01-10 s02-17 S03-02 S05-03 S05-11
s06-06 s06-11 S08-02 S08-12 S10-07
S11-07 S14-02 S15-02 S15-04 S15-08
s16-01 s16-03 s16-07 s16-08 s16-09


Top 10 (& top 5) in order

s16-01 s06-11 S15-02 S08-12 S11-07
S15-04 s16-03 s16-08 S08-02 S03-02


20140713_AH_S16_01a20140713 Amanda H Set 16 Image 01

I like images that are more than just pictures, i like them to have emotions or feelings.  This is my favorite image from Amanda H’s shoot. To me the pose shows vulnerability (she is not fully covered) but definitely with more than just an edge of defiance (the arms crossed and up close). To me it gives the impression that the viewer probably shouldn’t be there.